The Keys to Your Creative Genius: Collaborating with Your Inner Wisdom

Event Overview:

No matter how much or who you know, or how hard you work, there are some goals that seem out of reach or nearly impossible to make happen. But you really want them! So you work harder and smarter, you manage your time better, take another course, hire another consultant. You continue looking “out there” to find the missing piece.

But you’re looking in wrong places. When looking “out there” doesn’t give you the results you want, you’ve got to look “in here” to the inner wisdom of your creative genius. No matter how good you get at playing the outer game, if you’re not working on mastering the inner game, you will always be running into impenetrable walls. In this 1-hour Talk and Workshop, you will learn simple yet extremely powerful tools to connect to your Creative Genius and uncover the answers, solutions, and breakthroughs you need.

Whether in your business or personal life, these simple tools will begin to reprogram how you approach all of your life. With continued practice, you will discover that you’re navigating through life with a kind of wisdom, trust, creativity and confidence that you may never have experienced before.

For this workshop, come prepared with a short list of things in your business or personal life you’d like to change, transform, solve, or create. During the workshop you’ll work on one of them to begin making change, while practicing how to bring infinitely more creativity and adventure to all of your life.

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Event Format      :  Webinar Presentation.

Event Duration   :  60 Minutes.

Event Date          Coming soon.

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