The No Formula Podcast offers a glimpse into the lives of real entrepreneurs who possess a variety of experiences and backgrounds. Through raw conversations, learn about their passions, journeys, setbacks, and milestones. Join host Laura L Bernhard as she confirms that there’s in fact, no formula, to success.

How is this podcast different form other entrepreneurial podcasts?

  • Focus on their journeys as opposed to their outcomes, because we want to know how they go to where they are today.
  • Learn from people in a wide variety of industries and not just digital gurus like we’re getting used to.
  • Hear from entrepreneurs at different points in their journeys so you’re more likely to hear someone going through similar experiences.

Laura L Bernhard
Marketer & Podcaster 

About Laura :

Laura L Bernhard works as an Inbound & Marketing Strategist. With over 5 years of experience in marketing, Laura has explored lead generation, social media marketing, content marketing, Event Coordination, email nurturing campaigns, brand development, landing page optimization, A/B testing, website user experience, public relations and digital advertising. Laura creates marketing strategies based on business goals and aims to optimize marketing processes. 

On Laura’s spare time, she works on The No Formula Podcast where she interviews entrepreneurs about their journeys, setbacks and milestones. Every week, they confirm that there is no formula to success. Contact Laura at for marketing and podcast inquiries.