Connecting Entrepreneurs

PeerConnect is a business mastermind group brought to you by Entrepreneur’s Network. It is designed to connect entrepreneurs from around the world so they can help each other out. Sessions are facilitated by a moderator, which helps the meetings stay on track. Participants support each other in achieving objectives and by giving advice on business challenges.

Discuss and solve current business challenges

Connecting with entrepreneurs that have different perspectives can help you solve complex business challenges and meet your goals.

Our facilitated video meetings allow you to connect with peers, collaborate on ideas, and present business challenges to the group to find a resolution.

Facilitated Mastermind Style Peer Advisory Groups

Joining a group of your peers is the best way to solve your business challenges. If you love masterminds, you will love PeerConnect. 

PeerConnect allows you to connect with industry leaders and business owners around the world, who have already solved the challenges you are facing now.

Accomplish your vision

Peer Group is incredibly powerful in helping you accomplish your vision. You’ll get access to entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries around the world when you sign up for PeerConnect. And you’ll be matched with the right mastermind group based on your business goals.

The facilitated groups of 4-12 entrepreneurs ensure that you get the most out of your PeerConnect membership. We are excited to have you as part of PeerConnect. It is the ideal peer advisory group for any entrepreneur. 

What you will get with PeerConnect:

Networking with industry leaders
Insight into real-world business problems
Coaching and mentoring with peers around the world
Facilitated weekly meetings to help you overcome challenges

Peer Advisory Groups

Our Facilitators

The facilitated groups of four to twelve people ensure that everyone gets the most out of their PeerConnect membership.

Why choose us

The Entrepreneur’s Network is one of the largest global groups of Entrepreneur’s with over 62,000 members. We are adding new services to create value for members and help them succeed.


Small group sessions designed to foster conversation and collaboration.

Problem Solving

Get insights into cutting-edge solutions for your business challenges.


Develop strategic business action plans for the future to overcome challenges.

Shared Experiences

Share your business challenges and experiences with leaders in your industry.

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In today's increasingly competitive market with demanding consumers, growing your business can be a difficult task. Joining a group of your peers can help you with that.

Other entrepreneurs will advise you on how to solve your business challenges and reach your goals. You will also get a perspective on what problems your fellow entrepreneurs are facing.
PeerConnect is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking for a mastermind group.