PeerConnect Groups

Founders Only Group

Founders only group is specifically for founders who are having interest in meeting other founders from all around the world. This group is designed for Experienced Entrepreneurs, Business Owners to grow their business to the top level in their industry by getting insights from other Successful Entrepreneurs. This group also have its own advantage because this group is facilitated by ,

David Wagstaff – Founder of Entrepreneurs Network.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Group

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Group is for Business owners and Entrepreneurs at the early stage of their Business. This group will help Aspiring Entreprenuers to connect with other Entrepreneurs. it was planned to support Aspiring Entrepreneurs to solve their Business Challenges by sharing their business problems with other members to get different solutions from them. Every member of this group will be given a chance to share their business problems.

Mixed Group

Mixed group is a combined group of Successful Entreprenuers and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Aspiring Entrepreneurs can evaluate their business ideas, Business model, Business Strategies with Experienced Entrepreneurs. The Experienced Business owners and Successful Entrepreneurs can get new ideas from Aspiring Entreprenuers. Experienced entrepreneurs can partner with Aspiring Entrepreneurs to grow together .

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