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EntrepreneursNet joins with Central Michigan University Research Center

CMURC helps entrepreneurs turn an idea into a business and / or helps position startups to grow. CMURC is a Business Accelerator in one of Michigan’s Smart Zones and partners with Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals and aspirations.

EntrepreneursNet will be sharing co-working space and participating is programs like lunch & learn for startups and maybe more . . . Stay tuned.

Entrepreneurial AssessmentProgram by Epl

The Entrepreneurial Assessment Program is another advanced adaptation of exceptionally respected training system experienced by more than 1,000 students in business colleges and entrepreneurship programs. The self-managed, intelligent program requires 90-120 minutes to finish, and is worked around EPL's exclusive Entrepreneur Core Characteristics Profile (ECCP), an observationally created tool that gives individual criticism on 11 qualities related with entrepreneurial achievement.

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Let's make meaningful difference together

Partner with us to meaningfully support 100,000 global entrepreneurs succeed. Its often quoted than 90% of entrepreneurs fail within the first 10 years. Entrepreneur’s Network is on a mission to improve the success rate of our members. Entrepreneur’s Network uses a win, win, win business model. We partner with companies that provide services and value in helping our entrepreneurs succeed. By selecting Partners who have value to add to our members, our partners win, our members win and we as a community win.

Partner with us

Our Partners

Partnership with Bummary !

EntrepreneursNet is happy to announce EntrepreneursNet.Net has partnered with Bummary Co-Founders Rohit Singh and Co-Founder Devender Pathania to bring you quality Think Tank summaries. Our intention is to provide one or more summaries of a relevant business think thank each week to help our Entrepreneurs learn from the experience of other startups and established businesses.

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Partnership with The No Formula Podcast

EntrepreneursNet.Net partnership with the no formula podcast series. The No Formula Podcast offers a glimpse into the lives of real entrepreneurs who possess a variety of experiences and backgrounds.

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Partnership with LightupwithShua

An incredible podcast by shua with the Founder of Entrepreneur's Network, David Wagstaff.

Podcast by Shua

Our Sponsors

EntrepreneursNet.Net have reached more than 1200 members in the community platform and 62,000 members around the globe and still counting. Our sponsors will get exposure to global audience. We help sponsors to reach people from 63 countries around the world.