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EntrepreneursNet joins with Central Michigan University Research Center

CMURC helps entrepreneurs turn an idea into a business and / or helps position startups to grow. CMURC is a Business Accelerator in one of Michigan’s Smart Zones and partners with Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals and aspirations.

EntrepreneursNet will be sharing co-working space and participating is programs like lunch & learn for startups and maybe more . . . Stay tuned.

Entrepreneurial AssessmentProgram by Epl

The Entrepreneurial Assessment Program is another advanced adaptation of exceptionally respected training system experienced by more than 1,000 students in business colleges and entrepreneurship programs. The self-managed, intelligent program requires 90-120 minutes to finish, and is worked around EPL's exclusive Entrepreneur Core Characteristics Profile (ECCP), an observationally created tool that gives individual criticism on 11 qualities related with entrepreneurial achievement.

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