Virtual Mentorship Program For Entrepreneurs

MentorConnect is an innovative program designed to connect experienced entrepreneurs with those who aspire to become entrepreneurs.

MentorConnect focuses on mentorship and peer-to-peer guidance, with its Q&A-style virtual office hours. Mentors open their doors for an hour or so a week to answer business questions for aspiring, and experienced entrepreneurs.

Mentees meet with mentors and ask questions during the virtual office hours.

Examples of topics discussed include: How to find the right business idea; how to find customers, how to compensate the founding team, how to find investors, how to present an idea to a co-founder, how to add or modify products or services and how to grow profitably. 

Confirm a time that suits your schedule. Arrive on time. Check out our events calendar and search MentorConnect for more details.

One on One available

One-on-one mentorship sessions available for entrepreneurs who prefer private virtual mentoring.

Virtual Office Hours

Think of MentorConnect as stopping by a virtual office during office hours. Office hours are currently scheduled twice per week, each for one hour. And will soon be available with your choice of mentors at additional times.

Facilitated Meetings

To make the most of MentorConnect, members will have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice through facilitated video conferencing sessions.

What you are getting with MentorConnect

Industry Leaders' Advice

Get business advice from industry leaders and experienced business advisors.

Personal Development

Get customized personal development tips and techniques.

Virtual Meeting

High-Quality video conferencing sessions with successful entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Specific Answers

Come prepared with questions and challenges you need help with.

Private & Group Sessions

Get your questions answered either one-on-one with a mentor or in a group session.

Anyone can join

This mentorship program is for both entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our Mentors

How does MentorConnect work ?

As a MentorConnect participant, you will gain valuable insights and experience as a mentee. You can also help others grow by applying to become a mentor.

Confirm a time that suits your schedule. Arrive on time to the virtual office hours. Ask questions and get advice from our experienced mentors who are ready to help you.

How much does MentorConnect cost?

MentorConnect is free for all participants during the first office hour session.

After the first meeting, the price starts at $149 per month with an annual commitment, for up to five sessions per month. That means it’s only $29.80 per session. Monthly plans without an annual commitment are available starting at $199 per month.

A few mentors may have a higher rate. Any higher rate will be communicated in advance. Learning from experienced entrepreneurs can save you time and money.

Register for MentorConnect

Having a mentor will help you gain years of knowledge and experience within short period of time. A mentor can help you to solve most critical business problem and redirect you towards right direction to succeed. Find your mentor today.