Generating High-Quality Global Sales Leads

The goal of LeadConnect is to develop business leads. It is an innovative approach to lead generation between successful entrepreneurs, sales and business development professionals around the globe.
You will get to know potential LeadConnect partners through introductory videos. And the meetings are virtual, so you don't have to waste time to set up in-person meetings.

High Quality Business Leads For Your Business

Take your business networking to a global scale by connecting with industry leaders, building valuable partner, client relationships, and growing your business revenue.

Business Growth

If you are accepted to LeadConnect, you’ll have the opportunity to break into new markets and customer segments.

You will get access to other entrepreneurs, sales and business development professionals.

Lead Matching

Our dual-match system ensures that every participant gives and receives value. 

We believe that givers get. So you will be more successful when you help others.

How does LeadConnect Work?

LeadConnect was designed to make sales and lead generation simple. You start by preparing a short video introduction, where you describe who you are, who you are looking to meet, your ideal prospect and how you can help others.

Then you can browse other participants and watch their videos. If you find people who you can help and whose help you might need, you can request to meet them. If they request to meet you too, we arrange your meeting.

Simple? Yes. Powerful for growing your business? Definitely!

Qualification for LeadConnect

  • You must have sales of minimum $100,000/year [or total].
  • Only B2B entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business developers. B2C is not eligible for LeadConnect.
  • Your business is a non-local business. You must be willing to provide services more than 100 miles from your region.
  • By applying to LeadConnect, you're willing to give and receive leads.
  • You are willing to be a trusted member of the community. Follow the rules, including not spamming other members or reselling information
Apply Now

1. Apply

Fill out the required information and submit your application.

3. Pitch

Shoot your short video pitch by following the required outline.

2. Browse

Browse other people's videos to see what they offer and need.

4. Connect

Request to connect with people you'd like to meet. We will match you if they also want to connect with you.

LeadConnect Benefits

As a LeadConnect member, you will receive both tangible and intangible benefits. They range from cost savings and business growth, to support from and relationships with other professionals around the world.
Tap into markets and consumer segments you haven't had access to before. Meet entrepreneurs from around the world. Foster valuable, long-lasting business relationships. And get insights into sales best practices.

Cost Effective

Virtual online meetings make Leadconnect cost-effective.

Business Relationships

Connecting with other professionals can create lasting business relationships.

Business Growth

Exchanging leads with relevant people will help your business grow.