About Matt Rudnitsky


So: You want to write a book?

We help entrepreneurs write unputdownable books that leave legacies, make an impact and get you noticed. We don't believe in scammy e-books or dumbed down, fake "bestsellers" that nobody reads.

We will help you write a book that makes an impact. Changes lives. A book you can be proud of for a lifetime -- and beyond.
We do this through:
- Coaching
- Outlining
- Ghostwriting
- Editing
- Marketing
- Publishing
No matter where you're at in the process (vague idea, written manuscript, or anywhere in between), we'll help you get published and noticed.

I founded Platypus after my first book turned into an offer from Simon & Schuster ... that I turned down. I've helped dozens of authors get published -- first with Scribe (founded by 4x-NYT Bestselling Author Tucker Max), and now Platypus.

To apply, visit platypusbooks.com/call.