About DaChana Blaydes


DaCha’na Blaydes is an author, award-winning speaker, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and professional speaking coach. She graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelors in Business Management minoring in African and African-American studies. Throughout her collegiate career, she has interned with three Fortune 400 companies. Blaydes is the 2016 Multicultural Heroes Hall of Fame Case Competition winner, successfully inducting Maya Angelou into the heroes’ hall of fame and has earned the title of 30 Top Speakers by Toastmasters International. Ms. DaCha’na has dedicated her services to her community through mentorship, community service, and investment.

General Rundown of Biggest/Most Recent Projects

DaChana created an online course called Live University that provides information and guidance about financial education, purpose, effectiveness, resume building, interviews and much more to students, college students and the community.

General Rundown/History of his Entrepreneurial Endeavors

DaChana's mission as an entrepreneur is to service her community through her online course and book. She is providing information to her community that will help them reach their goals toward a life they desire. As Blaydes gains success through her business, she will add more resources and partnerships that the community can benefit from. Blaydes end goal is to build a space where people can go to learn, grow and heal.

The "Why" Factor

What drives me is knowing that what I am building is needed in the community. This business can and will revolutionize the living and learning experience.