About Candy Mason


I began my sales career at Microsoft as a partner account manager in 2011 and since then have gone onto work for some of the worlds largest technology organisations such as Gartner and Red Hat. I then decided to create my own business consulting on the sales techniques that I had learnt throughout my career for entrepreneurs and startup organisations. Since we started in 2014 I have created over $10million of sales.

General Rundown of Biggest/Most Recent Projects

Softools and Virtual Clarity/Vicos. Created deals for RBS and COCA-COLA, also Capgemini.

General Rundown/History of his Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Over the next year I want to create over $2 million of business for my clients.

I am passionate about business. I enjoy listening to my clients and what they are wanting to achieve within their business to then proactively create that business for them. I enjoy it when a client says "wow! that's incredible". I enjoy my clients feeling motivated by closing a sale and moving onto the next sale in order to create the business that they want.

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