Power of Now : Strategy v Inspiration

Webinar Description : 

What is the main thing you have to think about when beginning a business?
The appropriate response is really straightforward. All that you have in your life is a result of the decisions you and only you have made consistently… and only before settling on that decision, you had an idea. You will be a successful business person, fit for making esteem and a constructive change on the planet, with your business thought..
Redirected, to be inner-directed!

What you get from this webinar

A clearer understanding of who you are and what you are wanting to create.

About Richard G Kelly

I assist individuals to stay committed, empowered, focused, disciplined, and develop a winning mentality. The coaching and training that I have gotten had such an amazing impact on me that I chose to turn into a mentor myself.

Guest Speakers

Richard G Kelly invited two transformative business coaches to share their insights about strategy and inspiration.

Attendees :

Our sincere thanks to all people who showed their interest towards the webinar and the contributions that are made during the webinar.