Power of Now – Can entrepreneurship be taught? Yes, but there’s a simpler way (that no one is talking about)

Overview :

This is always a great question; can entrepreneurship be taught? There are many articles, videos, talks, and people selling this approach. There’s always an ongoing debate about whether entrepreneurs are made or born.

Description :

Can you learn to be a great entrepreneur?
If so, what’s the best way to learn how to create an amazing business?

There is a belief that there is definitely room to develop yourself as an entrepreneur and one of the best ways to move your entrepreneurial learning forward is to observe the entrepreneurs around you.

However, one thing that comes to mind and that is that in developing a business, it sets Entrepreneurs apart from most people if their happiness was a factor, not dependent in any unmistakable way on them getting what they want.

We get to understand that things would unfold as if by design for us, to the point where we “Take the first step, no more, no less, and the next will be revealed” source Clement Watt.

Remember the cartoon character Mr. Magoo, who was a terribly near-sighted cartoon character and yet somehow always landed on his feet, getting himself into and out of trouble each time, that is the same as an Entrepreneur it is ok to fall down and get back up again. Takeaway notes: There’s no magic formula to your way to success – it’s just how things work.

When we begin to walk in a direction, our deeper mind supports us in ways we couldn’t predict or imagine in actually getting us where it is, we want to go. As we move forward on a project or in the direction of something we’d like to see happen, the lights come on inside our head and all sorts of things come to mind and become visible that we couldn’t have predicted before we began.

Life seems to bring us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.

Key Takeaways :

1. Creating what you want with fun and ease.
2. Learning things about you as an entrepreneur.
3. Finding simpler ways to create your business.
4. Taking small steps and appreciating what you can, will and have achieved.

Pre-Work :

Find a quiet place to listen and participate.
Time is about an hour.
A few questions that you want people to discuss.
Switch off the phone.
Just listen and relax.


29 Apr 2020


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