Top Pricer Tournament TM


Test your strategic thinking in a unique strategy simulation!

Enter the Top Pricer Tournament by downloading and completing the Tournament entry form.

Deadline to submit your entry: Friday, March 27, at 5 pm Pacific time. You don’t need pricing experience or expertise to enter. All you need is the desire to learn how to compete better.

After you enter, you can attend a follow-up webinar on March 31. In the webinar, you will how to not fail as an entrepreneur in business… and in real life. The Top Pricer will be featured on EntrepreneursNet.Net. Will it be you?

The webinar on March 31, 10am -11 am EDT, is only for those who are members of EntrepreneursNet. (You can join for free.) The webinar is “How to not fail as an Entrepreneur”. The webinar will be led by Mark Chussil.  Mark has an extraordinary background in qualitative and quantitative business war games.

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Enter the Tournament, and then come and learn about yourself and your strategic thinking. Prepare to be surprised, and empowered. The best way to outperform your competition is to outthink your competition.

TOP PRICER Tournament is a service of Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc.
Event Format : Tournament
Event Deadline : March 27, 2020 to participate

How to enter the Tournament

  1. Download The Top Pricer Tournament Entry Form. The entry form works in Excel.
  2. Fill out the entry form.
  3. Email it to