Marcus Hammonds | Multi-Entrepreneur, IT Specialist, Wine Maker

Introduction and Interview by David Wagstaff

This interview with Marcus is one of the first in a series of articles from entrepreneurs, compiled with the goal of providing other business owners and soon-to-be business owners with a realistic view of what it takes to run a business and some of the challenges commonly faced.

As I was reviewing applications for membership into the Entrepreneur’s Network, Marcus’ LinkedIn profile caught my attention. In his intro title, he describes himself as an Author, Speaker, Winemaker, Urban Farmer, Audiobook Narrator, Salesman and Influencer. And if that’s not enough, his intro includes technology, finance credit behavior analysis, marketing and more.

Wow! That’s truly an impressive collection of titles and roles. In my experience, entrepreneurs often like challenge and variety. Conventional wisdom and investors will encourage entrepreneurs to stay focused on one niche in order to succeed, but we often love the thrill of variety and new challenges and may have innate attention deficit. How else could an entrepreneur have skills across the many disciples necessary to succeed. Entrepreneurs typically need to understand people, finance, and marketing; and must have the ability to efficiently manage getting things done. So while many of us have this natural desire to try many things, ultimately, I think the investor’s point of view is probable sage advice for most entrepreneurs. Pivot when necessary but stay focused to grow fast.

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About Marcus Hammonds, Multipreneur.

Website: Kat Direksyon Winery

Marcus has many titles. Author, Speaker, Winemaker, Urban Farmer, Salesman, and Influencer are just a sample of Marcus’ specialties. He is also a technology professional who leads teams installing IT systems and is a social media marketing expert.