Alessandro Salsi | Management Consultant, Finance, Controller & Startup Consulting

Introduction by David Wagstaff

Entrepreneur’s Network and EntrepreneursNet.Net, along with our partner Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc., held a global Top Pricer Tournament™ created by Mark Chussil. Mark leads Advanced Competitive Strategies, conducts business war games, and teaches strategic thinking.

The Top Pricer Tournament is a fun, engaging, thought-provoking way to understand and simulate business strategies, and so we chose it as one of the first events hosted by the newly launched community for entrepreneurs: EntrepreneursNet.Net. The event attracted participants from France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and the USA.

And the winner is . . . Alessandro (Alle) Salsi. His entry performed better than any other entry in the Summer Tournament.

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About Alessandro Salsi, Management Consultant, Finance, Controller & Startup Consulting.

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LinkedIn: @Alessandro Salsi 

Alessandro (Alle) has experience as co-founder of the startup Mailcoding, working for large companies, and assisting business owners through his business consulting practice. He has earned degrees in Marketing and Economics, and a master’s degree in Corporate Finance and Management Control.