Max Avery | Business Strategist, Speaker and Consultant

Introduction and Interview by David Wagstaff

This interview with Max is part of a series of articles from entrepreneurs, compiled with the goal of providing other business owners and soon-to-be business owners with a realistic view of what it takes to run a business and some of the challenges commonly faced.

One of the first things that caught my attention in Max’s LinkedIn profile was the contrast of mind-based titles, such as business strategist, public speaker and consultant, juxtaposed to businesses he is running that we often think of as requiring physical activity, such as building construction, transportation and construction materials.

The second thing that caught my attention is the fact that he is running four businesses.  I spoke about this in a previous article.  One of the common pieces of advice from investors is to focus your business if you wish to grow fast. As I review applications, I’m surprised how many of us run multiple businesses.  I am one of those “multipreneurs,” as I am currently running three businesses and this LinkedIn Group.  As I build the content and value for the group members, it feels more like a fourth business.

Related to this from an academic perspective, studies show the people with ADHD are 300% more likely to start their own business than the general population. See the related article from Psychology Today, Seven Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs with ADHD.  That doesn’t imply that everyone who runs multiple businesses has ADHD, but there is a certain amount of constant stimulation in running a business that is naturally part of the process. Starting a business requires selling, delivering, managing finances, marketing and if it is large enough, managing employees.

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About Max Avery, Business Strategist, Speaker and Consultant.

Websites: Boldingworks  & Crusade Equity

Max is a “multipreneur” leading or participating in the leadership of four businesses including construction, property management, real estate investment management and financing and construction materials.

Instagram: @highbaud
LinkedIn: Maxavery