Alexandra Bowden| Entrepreneur, Talent & Recruitment Consulting

Introduction by David Wagstaff

As part of our series of articles providing stories and insights to entrepreneurs, I met Alex through her application to the Entrepreneur’s Network ( She has participated as part of the group of entrepreneurs in our PeerConnect Group.

Reading Alex’s profile, I liked the fact that she focuses on helping businesses develop a holistic approach to talent, including hiring, onboarding, and retention.  There is little point in hiring if you don’t also have a strategy to help get people up to speed and then retain them once they are onboard.  And through the PeerConnect program I have gotten to know Alex as professional, experienced and smart.  These are all great attributes for a successful entrepreneur.

One reason I’m so passionate about entrepreneurship and have such high respect for successful entrepreneurs is that success tests so many aspects of who we are.  There are always exceptions to every rule, but from my experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I find entrepreneurs are not only good at the craft, trade or service, but they are also good with people and have a unique kind of practical intelligence.  They are able to see opportunities and attract clients and employees to their vision. Both from reading Alex’s profile and my interactions with her, I believe she has these skills to help clients win in talent acquisition and HR processes.

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About Alexandra Bowden, Entrepreneur, Talent & Recruitment Consulting.

Alexandra (Alex) earned a bachelor’s in fine arts from Ohio State University with Honors. After a few years in that field, she shifted to human resource focused roles in talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion where she took on both leadership and coaching roles.


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LinkedIn Profile: @people first talent recruitment