We care about the values. We limited our LeadConnect group to individuals who are committed to getting leads from other businesses and give back to others. You’re always welcome If you’re really serious about leads. By considering the quality, We charge our members to participate in LeadConnect.

Note: You’ll not be charged until your application is accepted to the group.

Video Structure :

1) Your name and Company Name.
2) Your tag line or brief descriptor. e.g. for us its Be A Founder. Meet Founders. Learn From Founders.
3) Your elevator pitch.
4) Information about your idea prospect. That is who you would like to meet.
5) How you can help others in the group. For Example I know Early Stage Entrepreneurs in the US. I know Business Development People at mid-sized companies etc.

Here is a sample video for your referrence :

Application For LeadConnect Premier

Please check out the video structure before shooting your video.