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How can we help you succeed?

  • You can participate by attending a webinar led by a founder, reading an article about one of our members, or by joining one of our connect groups.
  • Our connect groups are an innovative approach to help our aspiring entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs, support one another.

You can get to know a small group of trusted entrepreneurs who will provide you business advice and hold you accountable to reach your goals.  These groups are facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs.

One of our most innovative and exciting groups.  Busy, successful entrepreneurs and business development professionals (an important role for nearly all entrepreneurs) can meet other successful people from around the globe or within their own country.  We use a dual match video system, that is highly time efficient and produces extrodinary results.  Borrowing from Bob Burg, this group epitomizes “The GO Giver” and “Givers Get”. Once you have been matched we facilitate an introduction and you can have a one on one meeting, getting to know your partner.  And you don’t just meet one, but many matches each month.

You can ask a mentor questions or get coaching on starting your business or building to the next $10 million in revenue.

Join one of our clubs to meet people who share a common interest or geography.

  • Geographic Clubs: For Example:
    • Canadian Entrepreneurs Club,
    • Indian Entrepreneurs Club
    • Nigerian Entrepreneurs Club
    • UK Entrepreneurs Club
    • American Entrepreneurs Club
    • etc.
  • Industry Verticle Clubs: For Example:
    • Financial Industry Club
    • Tech Entrepreneurs Club
    • Real Estate Industry Club
    • Professional Services Club
    • etc.
  • Functional Experts (or want to be) Clubs:
    • Digital Marketing Club
    • Human Resources Club
    • CFO & Financial Professional Clubs
    • Operations Club
    • IT Club

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