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Entrepreneurs Network is the organization for innovative and aspiring entrepreneurs to meet one another and grow together. We are offering wide range of valuables services which includes Advisory Group meetings, Articles, Mentorships and much more. Let's change
the world together. Join hands to make the world a better place.

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David Wagstaff

Founder of Entrepreneurs Network

The Story behind Entrepreneurs Network

The Entrepreneur’s Network is an association started as a LinkedIn group in 2006 as a meeting place for business owners from around the world. It’s a place where entrepreneurs could share their stories and meet other founders and business owners.

LinkedIn did a great job of making it easy for business owners to opt into the group, and before long the group had over 50 members. The members were active, sharing stories and advice, and soon there were over 1,000 members. As a entrepreneurs community organization we encourage value content sharing.

Flash forward to 2018 - we now have between 25 and 50 new member requesting to join our entrepreneur community every day. As of January 2019, the group had 55,000 members. In May 2019, we built EntrepreneursNet.Net as an organization and community for entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur’sNetwork on LinkedInand Clarity Fi

Over the last year or two, LinkedIn has been increasingly limiting the ability to feature articles, communicate, and provide key information to the group. Therefore we decided to create a platform for the community of entrepreneurs to support members in growing and learning from one another.

New features are added nearly weekly so check back often or send us your suggestions. How can we best help you to succeed?


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The Entrepreneur's Network is sponsored and administered as part of clarity Fi: Business advisers, startup CFO's service and small business financial consultants. Please feel free to call clarity Fi for answers to your questions.


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