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A Group Designed and Developed for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs.If any of those descriptions fit you, this group is for you!

Passion for Entrepreneurship?

Read stories of Entrepreneurship. Meet Entrepreneurs at all stages of the journey.

Aspiring Entrepreneur?

Programs, Groups & Mentorship to support planning & launching your startup.

Early Stage Startup?

Programs, Groups & Mentorship to Grow
& Succeed.

Successful Entrepreneur?

Mastermind groups and opportunities to provide value to Aspiring and Early Stage Entrepreneurs.

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Get to know Entrepreneurs in small group settings and share referrals and valuable leads.


Meet Entrepreneur's at all stages, Connect with them and get to know high growth Startups.

Our Products

This platform built in the Spring of 2019 (Live May 2019) to serve the needs of the 57,000 member Entrepreneur’s Network originally founded in LinkedIn by serial entrepreneur David Wagstaff.

Early in 2018, we started surveying new members about what they would like to gain from this group. We learned many interesting things – You can check out the Survey Results. Among some of the most important finds were as follows:

Participants wanted to connect with other entrepreneurs 85%
Wanted to help other entrepreneurs 49%
Wanted to read entrepreneur-minded content 45%
Wanted to provide it 23%
Wanted to promote their businesses 33%
Wanted information to help them run their business 43%
On starting their business 33%

And we heard from many people who completed the “other” field that they wanted genuine stories from real entrepreneurs about their challenges and successes.

We needed to provide the platform where all this could be shared, enjoyed, and learned.

Articles on the Entrepreneurial Journey

Having Entrepreneurs write their own stories about their successes and challenges addresses many of those requests
Business owners have a chance to help by sharing their lessons with others
People get to contribute and read content
People get to learn valuable information,whether starting out or running their own business
People have a chance to share “about their business”without writing a sales piece

Goal for the Group and this website

  1. Connecting Members to one another through our Connect Groups
    1. PeerConnect / Mastermind 
    2. LeadConnect
    3. MentorConnect
  2. Expert Content & Stories of Entrepreneurship
  3. Learn from both peers and expert in our webinars and workshops.

Stories of Entrepreneurship

A series of articles from entrepreneurs with the goal to provide other business owners and soon-to-be business owners with a realistic picture of what it takes to run a business and some of the challenges commonly faced.

We are hoping that as a community we can learn from each other and even support each other in various ways. We hope these stories will be raw and real,not polished TV productions about entrepreneurship. We intend to leave the voice of the entrepreneur in the article and plan to provide only minimal editing.

These will be authentic stories of the challenges we face.Over time we plan to add more features to the Entrepreneur’s Network, such as ways entrepreneurs can connect with one another and learn about other businesses.

We hope you enjoy these articles. If you have a story you think is worth telling, or advice for founders and business owners, please feel free to send us a request at info@EntrepreneursNet.Net.

Featured Members and Their Entrepreneurial Journey